If you have a scheduled term at our Clinic, please come half an hour earlier to log in to the reception desk and to regulate the required documentation.

If you come to Our clinic for the first time, you need to bring all the previous reports that you have made to other institutions.

If you come to a control review, you should bring all previous reports from your doctor.

The doctor may extend the examination time in the patient's interest, please be patient.


If you have an appointment for an outpatient surgery, please come half an hour ahead of the scheduled time to log in to the reception desk and arrange the required documentation. Bring with you all the reports from the previous reviews.

The duration of the interview can be prolonged, please be patient.


If you are admitted to hospital (hospital department) for treatment please take: personal hygiene equipment, therapy (if you receive chronic therapy) and any reports of other diseases (if any)..

Always consult your doctor for the treatment you receive, even for non-prescription drugs.

Please DO NOT carry valuable items (money, jewelery, mobile phones, computers) in the hospital because the clinic does not report damage or loss / theft.

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WORKING TIME: 09:00 - 15:00

(after 2 pm urgent patients are examined by doctor on a duty at the TOARIL Emergency Center)


CONTACT: Phone. 02/3147 042

WORKING TIME: 24 hours

Hyperbaric Chamber

CONTACT: Phone. 070 215 423

WORKING TIME: 09:00 - 16:00