The University Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is undergoing various projects with clinical and experimental research..

Clinical research within the doctoral thesis that are in-progress at our clinic: Sofija Pejkova

"Molecular and genetic markers for the progression of metastatic malignant melanoma of the skin"


Ass. Dr. Igor Peev

"Comparison of two surgical techniques in operative treatment of lipomas: Liposuction vs. Classical Surgical Intervention" Margarita Peneva MSc.

"Comparative analysis of cutaneous cuts made with surgical scalpel against electrosurgical cutaneous cuts in the area of ​​the face region: Prospective randomized clinical examination" Marija Miloshevska - Mijalkovska

"Comparative analysis of reconstructive techniques, skin grafts and flaps, for defects closure after removing non-melanoma cutaneous carcinomas in the nasal area" Hristina Breskovska

"Evaluation of the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the recovery of chronic and hypoxic wounds and chronic inflammation"


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